unnamedWe are 6th grade students attending Medical Lake Middle School. We are going to tell you why you should vote “YES” to Medical Lake school district levy. What does this levy do? It supports many school activities. One of the activities that we are currently active in is the middle school drama club. Activities we have been involved in, in the past include: drama, geography bee, basketball, volleyball, cross-country, stem, band and choir.  Other activities include: football, softball, track and field, robotics, math is cool, chest club, and running start. In 7th grade we want as many educational and extracurricular opportunities for us and our fellow students. The proposed levy replaces the three-year levy approved by Medical Lake School District voters in 2015. The levy would provide approximately $1.0 Million per year. The rate of $1.50 per $1,000 of assessed property value will be a reduction of $0.70 from the advertised rate in 2015. If the levy is approved, LEA, also known as State Match, would provide an additional $1.5 Million per year. If you want to vote please cast your ballots.  Ballots must be turned in by February 18, 2018. Please say yes.

By Delaney Gunther and Olivia Niblock

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