Vote YES-YES on February 13th School Levy Measures

By Sara O’Donnell

“The signs have been posted around town and the flyers were hung on our doors, but what do the levy measures really mean for our children?  As a Medical Lake Alumni and community member with children who will soon be entering school, it is important for me to understand how these propositions will impact my student.

So what are these propositions all about? Proposition 1 is a replacement levy to continue programs and operations that we currently have.  This includes band, STEM, ROTC, and robotics just to name a few.  Also included in proposition 1 is our funding for bussing.  The state calculates bussing based on miles as the crow flies, rather than miles driven.  First and foremost, we have to be able to get the students to school to benefit from our great teachers. But what happens once they get to school? As a parent I want my student to be provided with the best education possible in the safest environment possible.

Another critical ‘program and operation’ is the school nurse.  The state funding provides less than a half time school nurse (.42) for the district to share between five buildings.  This is absolutely unacceptable for our 1800 students.  The district currently has 2 full time nurses to ensure the health and wellbeing of our students.  This proposition will help to continue our school nurse staffing.

Proposition 2 is very straight forward.  This measure will be used for security and building improvements.  Again, this is not asking for unreasonable or lavish requests.  This money will be used to improve security, upgrade roofs, and HVAC systems.

Please join me in voting YES to continue providing a safe and enriching learning environment for our students.”

Sara is a 2003 graduate of Medical Lake, current community member, and mother to two future MLSD students.

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